Romanian food simple and so delicious

First of all Romanian food is based on pork. Well, not all! We use chicken, fish, beef and mutton, too. But we love pork. And we use ingredients that can be found everywhere in the world.
Romanian food: salads
Then… what does it make Romanian food so special? Back to history. Romanian territories were occupied by Turks, Hungarians, Austrians, Poles, Russians. And we are still a Latin people. Where in the world would you find such a mixture?

At countryside people still use clay vessels and cast-iron kettle for cooking. Dishes prepared in this manner have a unique taste. And we still use vegetables and verdures untouched by last discoveries of genetics. They have the taste your grandma knows and you must be lucky to remember it.

That’s why I think it’s a pity to arrive in Romania, go to restaurant and eat pizza or Chinese food only because you don’t know the meaning of those Romanian names for food or you’re afraid they use ingredients that might hurt you. So please check my tips and advice for a Romanian food in Romanian restaurants.

Other possibilities beside restaurants? No! We won’t talk about buying food from stores or supermarkets. They have foods prepared after Romanian recipes but that is not quite traditional food. Why? They are made in a plant in large quantities. Do they have the same taste as a homemade food?
Romanian food
But we can talk about eating in a Romanian house. You can eat traditional food in every house at countryside. City people don’t eat traditional food everyday.

More. When they have guests (especially foreigners) they tend to show what great international dishes cookers they are. Just ask them cook for you a traditional meal and they’ll be glad to do it.

If you arrive in Romania on Easter or Christmas, no doubts, every Romanian family will have Easter food or Christmas food on their tables.

For those who love to travel in mountains (or just pass through) I have to talk about Romanian cheese. This is a homemade cheese. Sheep cheese, cow cheese, buffalo cheese or goat cheese, doesn’t matter. They all are great. And seems they are going to disappear soon.

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If you choose echo-travel way and you stay to a farm (well, you’ll find few farms in Romania but for most of them I think household is the more appropriate word) you don’t have to worry about the Romanian food. There will be plenty of traditional food. Very healthy and tasty natural food. Because at countryside agriculture is done like one century ago. No genetics alterations, no chemical fertilizer. Only clean green grass and spring water for animals.

Romanian food index

Now a little bit about Romanian food recipes. If you’re interested in recipes only to find out ingredients or how a dish is cooked it’ll be OK. Enjoy!

If you want to cook by this recipes it’s another story. Please read first my guidelines for Romanian food recipes. I give you some explanations about measurements and how to use better these recipes.


  • haggis (drob de miel) – made from lamb’s organs


  • lamb sour soup with verdures

Main dish

  • lamb stew
  • lamb roast
  • baked lamb
  • pastrami – pastrama


  • sweet bread (cozonac)
  • Easter cake – pasca


  • mamaliga – somehow it’s similar to polenta
  • balmos – a special mamaliga made by shepherds
  • garlic sauce


Well, there are only few recipes. I know! It’s a very shy beginning. But I intend to update this page. As you can see I started with traditional Easter food. But you can ask for any other Romanian food recipe you’re interested in at my contact page.