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Christmas Eve memories from grandparents

The day of 24th of December, Christmas Eve, is a feast day for all Romanians. All preparations for Christmas are done. It’s time to celebrate. It’s time for little kids to start their trail from house to house and sing their beautiful Christmas carols and give Christmas cheers. Later in night it’s time for drummers bands to do their show. At home, in my grandma house, all jobs are done. Except three things. She has to arrange the table andRead More

Christmas Day the meaning for Romanian Craciun

The Romanian name for Christmas Day is “Craciun”. It’s generally a peaceful family day like everywhere in the world. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have specific traditions. Much more then traditional lunch. Early in the morning little boys come with “The Star”. They announce the star is up and shinning and the blessed baby will come soon. Then we put our festive clothes on and we go to the church to listen to little Jesus story from the priest’sRead More

Biking in Romania and few Romania biking adventures

Why biking in Romania? Cause those who try it said Romania is a country for bikers. Well, I can’t say I know the specific needs for a biker. Cause I’m not a real one. I can call myself a walker on a bike but not a biker. This is where the bikers who already try it come. Many people decided that biking in Romania is worth a try. And few of them want to share their bicycling experience. Do you wantRead More

Vlad Dracul the name and its legacy

Many people confuse the father, Vlad Dracul, with the son, Vlad Dracula. Very different persons and names. So, please pay attention! Dracula is not a nickname because he was an evil-devil man. He signed documents with this name long time before the Saxons transformed it in an evil-devil nickname. In Vlad Dracula time the fight for the throne was given between two families (two brunches of Basarab royal family): Danesti (meaning Dan’s family) and Draculesti (meaning Dracul’s family). In that timeRead More

Transylvania … a land blessed by God

Transylvania… Hmmm! Transylvania is my childhood cradle. Wherever I am, whatever I do a large part of my soul always will be there, in Transylvania. You’ll say I’m subjective. Maybe… but you’d better read this page before you give a verdict. For foreigners it’s the most known province of Romania. You probably heard about its castles and something from Dracula’s story of Bram Stocker. I think it’s just a little part of what Transylvania really means. Stay with me and you’llRead More

The real Dracula fact or fiction about Vlad the Impaler’s life

The real Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, left us many unknowns about his short life. Historical facts show us a picture with lots of black spots on it. People tried to replace them by more or less convenient suppositions. Those mistakes come because people were bombed with lots of fictional stories and they simply don’t have a clue about the few historical data. Well, they are only few but their knowledge can give us a different image of Vlad’s character. So, whereRead More

Romania National Parks Map

Natural and National Parks map Natural Park Apuseni Mountains Natural Park Mures River Meadow National Park Carasului Gorges National Park Nerei Gorges-Beusnita Natural Park Iron Gates National Park Domogled-Cerna Valley National Park Retezat Mountains Natural Park Gradistea Muncelului-Cioclovina National Park Cozia Mountains National Park Piatra Craiului Mountains Natural Park Bucegi Mountains Natural Park Little Pond of Braila National Park Macinului Mountains National Park Hasmas-Bicazului Gorges National Park Ceahlau Mountains Natural Park Vanatori-Neamt National Park Calimani Mountains National Park Rodnei Mountains

Epiphany Day Boboteaza is the Romanian name

Epiphany Day is celebrated on January the 6th. The day when John baptized Jesus Christ in Jordan River. For Romanians that means purifying waters. The water we drink; the water we wash. Purifying us. Just like Christmas it’s also made of a series of special customs. And they begin in Epiphany Eve. It’s a black feast day. That means no eating and drinking is allowed, except water, since sunrise till sunset. The ones who do this could bring about rainRead More

Calnic an UNESCO world heritage monument from Transylvania

The Fortress of Calnic (Kelling) plays a particular role in Transylvanian Saxon history. The combination between a Saxon noble residence (marked by the keep of the fortress) and the fortifications built up by community’s villagers (marked by the stores attached to the wall) makes it different among the other fortified churches. The two contributions (of the noble family and the Saxon community) were successive. Count Chyl by Kelling built the fortress by the middle of the 12th century. He built massive walls around aRead More