Haggis recipe the Romanian name being “drob de miel”

Haggis is the Romanian national Easter food. Even I used the name of the traditional Scottish food and the food is based on lamb organs the Romanian recipe is quite different.

The differences? Well, it’s an Easter food. The sacrificed lamb means the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. So, we use lamb, not sheep. I don’t know how (Easter isn’t a fixed date holiday) but we always find fresh lambs before Easter.

Then it’s spring time. We use a lot of verdures. But we don’t use oatmeal. We don’t use stomach. We use cawl (peritoneum) (it’s the thin skin that surround organs) or dough.

I apologize to all Scottish people because I use the name of their traditional food for a Romanian traditional dish but that’s what I found in my dictionary for the Romanian name “drob”.

Regular haggis

liver from a lamb
heart from a lamb
lungs from a lamb
a lamb cawl (peritoneum)
5 green onions
3 green garlic
2 tbs chopped green parsley
1 tbs chopped green dill
1 raw egg
4-5 boiled eggs
2 tbs sour cream
1 tbs oil
salt and pepper
All ingredients are for about 1 kg/2 pounds of meat.

Boil the liver, heart and lungs in a pot. Wash the cawl (peritoneum) and let it cool down. Take the boiled organs out on a plate and put them in the fridge (for at last 6 hours).

Put the organs together with onion, garlic, parsley, dill and 2 boiled eggs through the hewing machine. Put the mixture in a bowl, add the raw egg, salt, pepper and the sour cream and mix thel well with your own hands.

Grease a pot with oil or butter; lay the cawl (peritoneum) at the bottom of the pot. The fat side of cawl (peritoneum) must be inside. Put 1/2 of the mixture over the cawl (peritoneum). Align the rest of eggs in the middle ( in one piece or cut in 2 pieces). Cover the eggs with the rest of mixture. Then raise the margins of cawl (peritoneum) the way an envelop is closed. Grace the whole thing and bake it in the oven for about 45 minutes at middle heat.

Can be served warm (cut in slices) as main dish near any kind of garnish but it’s more healthy to serve it cold like appetizer.

Haggis in dough

see regular haggis

2 eggs
6 tbs flour
1 tbs butter
Mix all ingredients (less one egg) and make a dough. Stretch the dough on a floured surface till you have a very thin paste (less then 1 mm)

Prepare the mixture as explained at regular haggis recipe. Grease a pot with oil or butter; lay the paste at the bottom of the pot and envelope the mixure as explained before except at the end… don’t grase the dough. Brush it with a beaten egg and bake it in the oven for about an hour.

Tip: I heard it is not allowed to use lungs in the US. Replace them with lamb. Use fat lamb from lamb’s belly.