Exploring Romania a never boring experience

Exploring Romania is your practical guide investigating Romania’s spectacular scenery, its outdoors activities (hiking, cycling, caving, horse riding and more), its history and its cultural and spiritual heritage.

Here you’ll be introduced to the Romanian people. Everything from their customs to their traditional handcrafts and even their humour.

horse-riding, castles, mountaineering, traditions, birding in Danube Delta and many others

A Romanian proverb says “good thoughts always pass first through your stomach”. So, in the traditional Romanian hosting spirit, you’ll be invited to try Romanian food and wine.

Why is exploring Romania a unique experience?

exploring Romania's nature, history and culture, wine, food and customs

If you really want to know about us, you’ll need the right information. Come along and you’ll learn about:

  • traveling over Romanian breathtaking landscapes
  • experiencing many of our outdoors activities
  • Romanian cultural and spiritual heritage
  • many of our legends and, of course, the history of Dracula
  • tasting Romanian food and wine
  • the local people and their customs

Any combination is possible: there is so much to see and do but, for example, in less than a week you might tour some of Transylvania’s castles and join us in some local customs and of course, all the while enjoying traditional Romanian food.

But whatever you do, be sure and follow the example of our Moldavian people and take it slowly. Here it is said they have but 3 speeds in their lives. Slow, slower, and the third – motionless!

Explore Romania as a fairytale

… because Romania is a fairytale. Yes, right! you’ll say.

It really has all the necessary ingredients. Adventure. Fabulous characters placed in a wonderful, sometimes mysterious background. Good guys and bad guys. Sorry, my friend but there is always at least one bad guy. Because all good things would have no value if bad things disappeared.

So, I feel responsible to tell you the whole story. If you fallow me you’ll discover white points as much as black points, each one in its place. Something you know and you can avoid won’t be a bad surprise, will it?

Huh! I lost myself. Back to the fairytale… Do you remember “The Beauty And The Beast”? It was my childhood favourite fairytale. And still is. If you’d be the Beauty and Romania the Beast what should you do? I’d say to forget the ugly face and explore Romania’s gentle, warm and beautiful soul. Just give Romania your big hug and a happy kiss and the miracle will happen.

Dare to explore Romania and you’ll have a story to tell your children. Or better, exploring Romania with your children means a story for your grandchildren.

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This is a very special holiday. Not only the Christmas Day but also the whole chain of holidays surrounding this day.

Generally is a simple food but very tasty. Foreigners say it’s delicious. Romanians say you can ling your fingers.

Let’s search together Count Dracula’s traces on Romanian land. Let’s try to answer to some more or less common questions about Vlad Dracula and understand the Romanian point of view.

TRANSYLVANIA… history and breathtaking landscapes…
Even it’s a well-known Romanian province you can find here hidden things you have never heard about. The mixture nature-history-culture-tradition is easy to accomplish. This place is full of attractions.

MOLDAVIA… sweet and mild
Famous for its monasteries and its wine it also has great and unique natural reservations but which are, yet, less known. And medieval fortresses,too. It’s also the childhood cradle of many Romanian personalities.

WALLACHIA… just a large, boring field?
Unfairly almost unknown, coquette monasteries, beautiful caves, the oldest European mountains, Romanian Brancovenesc style and Brancusi sculptures are waiting for your eye touch.

A paradise of waters and exotic birds is waiting for your quiet boat to slide on its trails. A golden mine for fishers, wildlife watchers, photos catchers and hunters.

Description, maps, lodging for all Romanian national and natural parks as well as other very interesting natural places.

Is skiing in Romania cheapest form Europe? Anything else to do or to see?

It’s all about my pen friend Dave and his bicycle trip in Romania.

What are the facts about Romania? Anything from geography and history to currency exchange and weather.

All you need to know about visa, customs, currency and currency exchange and vaccination.

All opened doors to arrive in Romania (by plane, by train, by car).

Help to achieve your destination point in Romania.